1376 Hours of Oxygenation!

Sep 22, 2022

Our oxygen concentrators need your help
During the darkest days of the pandemic, Coastal Kindness was able, thanks to generous donations from various organisations as well as from community members, to purchase five oxygen concentrators. A sixth was kindly donated. That was towards the end of 2020, and those six machines were made available free of charge to our community members.

Hospital beds were few and far between. Access to an oxygen concentrator meant desperately ill patients could be cared for at home. And, yes, lives were saved.

And now that we have returned to some sort of normality, are those six machines sitting safely behind lock and key, gathering dust, until the next emergency?

No, they are not. They remain available, free of charge, to the community; and they remain in regular use.

And what’s the point of us telling you all this? Well, we know all too well – to our current cost – what happens when machinery isn’t maintained when maintenance is required, not so?

One of our oxygen concentrators needs new sieves. Don’t ask! Way above my technical pay grade but clearly a crucial – and expensive – component. Without which the machine cannot function. (Think power station boilers for one horrid moment!)

The machine in question has provided 1376 hours of oxygenation. Yes, it’s been run hard and long. (As have the others.)

Transport and repairs will cost in the region of R5 500. And now we come to the point.

Have you or a loved one benefited from these machines? Either during the pandemic or more recently? And could you possibly afford to donate even a small sum towards the cost of maintenance?

And if you have been fortunate enough not to have needed the use of the machines, would you consider a donation? There’s no knowing when you or yours will need it in the near – or distant – future.

Today it’s one needing maintenance; tomorrow it might be others. If we don’t do the maintenance, they won’t be available in our time of need.

Any monies donated will be ringfenced for the purpose of maintenance.

Whenever we have asked, you have gladly come to the party; we hope you will do so again and help Coastal Kindness to help our community.

Coastal Kindness – working to keep us all safe and well!

Click here to donate – Your reference MAINTENANCE

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