A Blue Ribbon Day!

Feb 16, 2024

The official handover was on Tuesday 13 February - a convivial and extremely well-organised affair.

Coastal Kindness is delighted to report that our first large concrete (well, brick and mortar) project is complete!

You may remember the photo of that ramshackle old wooden shed which served as the office of Sister Zelda Neethling who manages the Kenton Clinic? Where she sweltered in summer and froze in winter. No ventilation, no electricity – except a long extension cord snaking across from the clinic.

Appalled at these working conditions, Coastal Kindness took on the provision of an extension to serve as an office. Now, Sister Neethling has a bright and airy – and spacious – modern office with an actual desk, a comfortable chair, and plenty of built-in lockable storage units. The extension itself was designed to blend seamlessly with the existing building and provides not only Sister Neethling but also future clinic managers with a fit-for-purpose working environment.

Plaque on the door

The official handover was on Tuesday 13 February – a convivial and extremely well-organised affair, complete with a programme of events, and heartfelt speeches from various Department of Health officials, followed by refreshments. But the most moving speech was Sister Neethling’s who said, struggling – and failing – to control her tears, that she felt like a princess! That was really all the thanks Coastal Kindness needed. And we share it with our entire community as we thank everyone who donated and assisted in any way, large or small.

All settled in!
Sister Neethling at her new desk
We thank Rose Ginger Deary whose donation of her beautiful painting was raffled as our very first fundraiser. And all who bought tickets! And everyone who donated items for our auction, and all the bidders, and SJ’s Kenton Asian team, for the venue.

Also Periwinkle Trust, our major donor on this project, and all the community members who donated. No donation is too small to be valued and appreciated!

And Makhana Bricks for their donation of face bricks. Di Malan of Norfolk Designs for blinds at cost.

Mr Docrat of the Department of Health for dealing with all the red tape and getting us permission to go ahead.

And really everybody who helped in even the smallest way.

But two Coastal Kindness volunteers need special mention, namely Neels Heunis, our project manager who ensured that the build was perfect in every tiny detail, and Doug Swanson, his 2IC. The two of you made all our plans a reality – and exceeded our expectations!

And why a Blue Ribbon day? Instead of a red ribbon, a beautiful blue one was cut to officially open the office – blue for excellence in all things! Think cordon bleu, think gold medallists … think Kenton!

Cutting the Blue Ribbon
Sister Assumption
Concentrating on the heartfelt speeches
We are proud of our community, proud of what we who work, live or holiday in Kenton can accomplish as a team! Thank you!

And now on to our next project …

Coastal Kindness – closing the gap

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