An emergency is just that

Aug 11, 2022

You don’t spend your life expecting an emergency - and they seldom happen

An emergency is just that: an unexpected event requiring immediate intervention. You don’t spend your life expecting an emergency – and they seldom happen, but when they do, you need to be prepared! Just as most of us have bandaid strips, disinfectant and headache tablets in the medicine cabinet, just in case, so too should as many as possible of us be prepared for that unexpected life-threatening event.

We hope that as many of our community who can will take advantage of the CPR training currently being offered by Coastal Kindness volunteers. This means that there should always be someone within the vicinity who can start compressions.

CPR keeps the blood (and therefore oxygen) circulating through the body and brain. And can sometimes get the heart going.

And in the meanwhile someone can call Hi-Tec or fetch the nearest AED machine. Which means we all need to know where the machines are! Keep your eyes peeled for the signs which have been posted:

If you have house guests, or run a BnB, make sure our holiday-makers know where the AEDS can be found.

There’s one at the Kenton Garage, and another at Hi-Tec. One in Boknes. And Dr Galpin has a more complicated one in her surgery (for her use only).

There’s also one in Kleinemonde.

And remember, YOU can use an AED. If you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ll know any member of the public can safely do so!

By doing CPR training and by knowing where the AEDs are, you might save a life! Not every day one gets the chance to be a hero …

Coastal Kindness – making our community safer!

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