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Apr 17, 2023

Hearty congratulations to the lucky winner of the ‘Reflection’ Raffle!

Hearty congratulations to Debbie from Bushmans who was the lucky winner of the ‘Reflection’ Raffle; Lady Luck sure smiled down on Debbie – she had a one in 973 chance of winning!

Twelve of us gathered for the draw, including Rose Deary, creator of ‘Reflection’, and legal eagle Helen Mattisson, there to ensure everything was done by the book. In an atmosphere positively charged with electric excitement, Helen pushed the button on Google Random Number Generator and the next second there it was: winning ticket number 441!

Debbie must have been quite overwhelmed, not only by the good news, but also by having all twelve of us on speaker phone to share it with her!

And, of course, it wasn’t just Debbie who was the winner. Perhaps the real winner on the day was our community who came together to make this raffle a resounding success (a mere 27 unsold tickets when it closed at midnight); who showed that Kenton and our wider community really do care about the wellbeing of all who live here. So, really, we are all winners …

The raffle raised R97 300 towards the refurbishment of our local clinics, which serve all those residents who don’t have the good fortune of medical aid. Coastal Kindness thanks you, our community, for your generosity, for opening your purses and wallets as well as your hearts, and taking a chance; and most of all, we thank Rose Deary for creating ‘Reflection’ especially for us and for donating it as a raffle prize. Her talent and her ability to create a painting of such beauty are matched only by her kindness and her caring spirit. Thank you, Rose!

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