Another Coastal Kindness Hero

Aug 25, 2021

Mohamed’s motto is “Make it happen!” and in putting this into practice, he makes a difference.

Please meet Mr Mohamed Docrat.

Employed by the Eastern Cape Department of Health since 1998, he is the Pharmacy Manager for our sub-district and was also appointed Acting Sub-District Manager for Health in Makana just before the pandemic hit. Needless to say, his workload has increased substantially, to the extent that colleagues now assist him with his pharmacy responsibilities.

He is nominated as one of our DOH Heroes not only by Coastal Kindness, but also by his colleagues – this speaks volumes about the respect in which he is held!

Mohamed’s motto is “Make it happen!” and in putting this into practice, he makes a difference. In his ideal world, there would be far less red tape (which delays things happening) and people would be held accountable and responsible for their actions. This said, the accomplishments of his staff, empowered by training, bring him huge pleasure, as do all children and especially his grandchildren.

In what little free time he has these days, he still walks and jogs – and cherishes an ambition to complete the Two Oceans half-marathon, once the race resumes. Current affairs, especially politics, are another interest.

But what says it all about this DOH Hero, are the heroes he himself nominates:

The Coastal Kindness Team for their sterling work;

His staff who deliver health services under trying conditions;

Small business owners who create much-needed employment; and

Last but not least, the grannies, the gogos, so many of whom rear their grandchildren whose own parents, for one reason or another, cannot. Often on a measly monthly pension. By some miracle, they do this with aplomb. For him, they are the true heroes of our society.

Mr Mohamed Docrat, you are our DOH Hero!

We honour you!
We celebrate you!
We thank you!

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