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Sep 20, 2023

We have broken ground! On 11 September, to be specific!

It’s been a while and those of you who bought raffle tickets for Rose Deary’s “Reflections” or attended the auction at Kenton Asian or simply donated out of the kindness of your hearts towards the clinic upgrade must have been wondering …

But at last we have broken ground! On 11 September, to be specific! Remember this old wooden garden shed which was the somewhat spartan office of Sister Neethling, who runs the Kenton Clinic? Well, she has spent her last winter shivering in there without any mod cons – and her last sweltering summer too!

In its place a brick and mortar extension to the clinic is rapidly taking shape, which will offer electricity, security, ventilation and warmth as well as storage space for files and paper work. A worthy office for a professional who dedicates her life to serving our community!

Plan A was a prefabricated office but this proved unachievable and, as it turns out, Plan B, a built extension, is more economical – and both stronger and more secure. Unfortunately, we were bedevilled by the usual bureaucratic hurdles – original plans had to be found, new plans for the extension had to be drawn, permission from the Department of Health had to be sought and, finally, planning permission given by Ndlambe.

But that’s all behind us now…

Once the building is complete, we will share photos. And in the meantime, Coastal Kindness acknowledges Elliott Ndike (Tembile Tana Builders) the builder undertaking this build, and Neels Heunis, our project manager.

We have spent your donations wisely and well, but now our resources are pretty much depleted. And our next project is security fencing for Marselle Clinic, which is expected to cost in the region of R300 000. Any donations towards this cost would, it goes without saying, be hugely appreciated.

Coastal Kindness – closing the gap!

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