Community braai

Mar 22, 2022

Our very first community bring and braai! Don't miss out!

DATE: Friday 1 April 2022
TIME: 18:00 onwards
VENUE: Round Table Club House, Middle Beach
LIMIT: The club house can accommodate 50 people

Kindly indicate attendance by emailing with numbers. If you don’t want to braai, you are welcome to just pop in for a drink.

Come alone, come together, come by car or come on foot, but do come along to our very first community bring and braai!

In spite of the date, we’re not fooling around – everyone and anyone is invited to attend! There’ll be coals to braai on and we’ll provide the salads too. And, of course, there’ll be a charity bar.

The evening is a great opportunity to meet people and network. If you’re new in town, or feeling a little isolated, come along and join in and be part of this wonderful community.

We look forward to seeing you all around the fires!

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