COVID-19 contact line list

Aug 20, 2021

Familiarise yourself with a contact list just in case you ever need to complete one!

So you think you might … just possibly … maybe … have COVID. And you go to get tested. Sensible. And somebody thrusts a form at you. And we all know how we just hate filling out forms. So you scribble a couple of names and numbers. Or just leave it blank. No more than an irritating bit of bureaucracy when your mind is on the big question: do I have Covid? Right?

No, no, no!

It’s all very well if you test negative. Your illegible, scribbled or even blank form will be tossed.

But if you test positive?

Ah well now, that’s a very different story.

We’re all in this together, right?

So you have to isolate. But every single person with whom you have been in contact – people you live with, yes, family, or housemates – have to quarantine.

This isn’t just a legal requirement – it’s how we halt the virus in its tracks and stop it spreading!

So: you have Covid. And the Coastal Kindness Track and Trace team swing into action to find and notify all those who – just maybe – might be the next to test positive. It’s absolutely imperative that they quarantine if we’re going to beat this!

But, ooops! You have scribbled – so the team can’t make out the names, let alone the contact details! Or you haven’t really completed the form at all! Or you’ve left out a lot of people because your mind, understandably, is on yourself.

So you have rendered the Track and Trace team helpless. And put all your friends and family at increased risk. AND their friends and family too!

Please, please, please, if you go to be tested, complete that form CAREFULLY, LEGIBLY and EXHAUSTIVELY. All your close contacts MUST quarantine! By naming them, you are actually doing them – and their contacts – a huge favour!

Help stop the spread! We’re all in this together! Quite literally!

Click here to familiarise yourself with a contact list just in case you ever need to complete one!

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