Covid-19 quietens down

Jan 26, 2021

We seem to be in a bit of a lull at present with COVID-19!
We seem to be in a bit of a lull at present with COVID-19! Whilst this is such good news, we can’t let it go to our heads! We need to be even more vigilant right now so we can keep it that way.

The Coastal Kindness Track and Trace Team are taking a breather, but are psyching themselves up to assist with the vaccination programme in whichever way we are called upon by the Department of Health (DOH).

The DOH are offering “Vaccination Training for Healthcare Workers”. You can get information about this training on If you have the skills, please don’t hesitate to offer your services.

The South African Government is the sole purchaser of the COVID-19 vaccine and will distribute to both the public and the private health sectors.

There are a variety of vaccines in the programme but they are not interchangeable. This means that with a two-dose vaccine, you have to use the same supplier and cannot mix vaccines.

When they are ready to be rolled out, there will be pre-registration and a booking (appointment) system.

There are three phases for the roll-out:

  • Phase 1 Healthcare Workers
  • Phase 2 Essential Workers
    • Police, Teachers, Municipal workers, Farmers etc.
    • Over 60’s
    • People who work and live in densely populated places such as Care Homes, Institutions, Prisons etc.
    • People over 18 who have comorbidities such as TB, HIV, Diabetes etc.
  • Phase 3 The rest of the population.

Click here to read the COVID-19 Vaccination Guide.

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