Covid cases on the rise again

Nov 4, 2020

A message from Dr Galpin - Covid cases on the rise again

It is important to note that it is not the behaviour of healthy people that is of major concern right now, but the behaviour of sick people and their known close contacts.

We cannot live in lock-down forever and healthy people (with no known contact with coronavirus cases) should get on with their lives, whilst taking all necessary precautions, of course.

The problem is that sick people (scratchy throat, runny nose, bit of a cough, or perhaps a runny tummy) continue to go to work, go to the shops, go to social functions and invite friends into their homes. This is not okay!

  • Anyone with these symptoms needs to see a doctor (by appointment) and must isolate for 10 -14 days.
  • Close contacts also need to quarantine for 10 -14 days.
  • Sick people must stay home.

But just because someone coughs or sneezes does not mean they have COVID-19 – Hay Fever is real too.

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