Dementia and Alzheimer’s Support Group

Nov 24, 2022

In 2019, according to WHO, 55 million people globally suffered from one of the 30 or so forms of dementia.
Parking at Two Rivers was at a premium on Wednesday 17 November when the first meeting of the Dementia and Alzheimer’s Support Group was held.

Dr Heather Rauch, Regional Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, Eastern Cape, was the guest speaker. The attendees hung on her every word as she shared her not inconsiderable experience and expertise. Noteworthy too was this quietly spoken woman’s compassion and empathy, not only for those who struggle with dementia but also for the carers, family and friends and their “long and cruel grieving process” as the disease progresses.

So it was not merely knowledge, information and practical advice which she shared with those present; it was also the message of hope. As Dr Rauch put it, where there’s help, there’s hope. And where there’s a support group, there’s help.

In 2019, according to WHO, 55 million people globally suffered from one of the 30 or so forms of dementia (of which Alzheimer’s is by far the most common). By 2050 that number, it is estimated, will increase to 139 million. Although Kenton and its surrounds form a relatively small community, it was no surprise that the meeting was so well attended.

If your loved one is struggling with dementia, and you couldn’t be there for the first meeting, we do hope you will attend the next. Where you will receive the resource notes distributed at the first meeting. And a warm welcome!

Although this support group is initiated and organised by Coastal Kindness, and facilitated by Jennie of Coastal Kindness, the group, it must be stressed, is very much owned by the group itself. We have no doubt the group will grow – and not merely in numbers!

Watch this space for news and details of the next meeting!

Where there’s help, there’s hope!

Coastal Kindness, caring for you.

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