Easy-to-understand videos on coping with COVID-19

Aug 5, 2020

Our Education Task Team has been busy making simple, easy-to-understand videos.
Our Education Task Team has been busy making simple, easy-to-understand videos on coping with COVID-19. They are available for anyone to use. This task has been a tremendous group effort with lots of hours given very generously.

  • The presenters are community nurses and a pharmacist
  • The scripts written by the team were scrutinised by our two doctors
  • Translations into Xhosa kindly undertaken by a helpful Kenton resident
  • Videoing and sound engineering carried out by willing assistants

There are 6 videos in English, 7 in Afrikaans and 10 in Xhosa covering, prevention and masks, physical distancing, comorbidities, symptoms, coping at home, isolation, breathing exercises, sleeping positions and the latest clearly show ‘how to use a pulse oximeter’.

Please feel free to use these videos to help educate and inform your friends, neighbours and members of your community. You can find them on the Coastal Kindness website under media. Or if you would prefer we can send the videos to you by WhatsApp. Just email a note to with your cell number and video selection.

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