Flu jab

Apr 28, 2022

Don’t delay - get your flu jab today!
Don’t delay …

For months there’ve been dire warnings that a fifth wave of COVID infections could coincide with our flu season this year. The current resurgence may be more of a swell than a wave at the moment, but the flu season is well and truly upon us.

Well, you’ve had your COVID jabs but … what about your flu vaccination? Which will help to prevent a serious bout of this year’s influenza – and it’s not too late to pop into a pharmacy and get it! Make no mistake, flu can be as life-threatening as the earlier strains of COVID.

Annually, more than 45 000 South Africans suffer serious flu infections, and 50% need hospitalisation. So it makes sense to get your flu shot each and every year.

This is especially true if you’re over 65, morbidly obese or pregnant. And if you are diabetic, asthmatic or have chronic cardiovascular or lung disease.

Don’t delay – get your flu jab today!

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