Jump bags needed

Mar 20, 2023

A kit bag containing whatever they might need in case of an emergency.

I am because you are. Ubuntu.

Coastal Kindness is, only because our community makes us possible; makes it possible for us to help you; makes care and kindness possible.

Together we are working to make our community a safer place for all who live, work and holiday here. And it is only possible with your help.

And, yes, we are asking for your help again.

Our Level One First Aid course, run under the auspices of Gardmed, is clearly meeting a real need. The first course ran the weekend of 18 March and had 15 people enrolled, and there is a waiting list for the next course already. All sponsored by local businesses or trainees paying for themselves because they care.

Those who have completed the Level Three First Aid course are now part of an active First Responders WhatsApp group and are already playing their part in keeping Kenton and surrounds safer for us all.

So why do we need your help? Simply this: a First Responder needs a jump bag – a kit bag containing whatever they might need in case of an emergency. Such equipment doesn’t come cheap. Some first responders can afford to purchase their own, and have. Some simply cannot.

A case in point is the First Responder, a Klipfontein resident, who has already assisted at two serious incidents, both involving broken limbs. She has been commended by Gardmed for her prompt and appropriate response.

She needs a jump bag.

Our community, in fact, needs her to have a jump bag so that she can continue to help us in time of need.

Can you help? Would you help? It need not be a huge amount but every single cent helps. The cost of a fully kitted jump bag for a first responder is nearly R4 000.00.

If more is received than the cost of this one bag, the remainder will be ring-fenced for the next first responder who cannot afford his or her own.

Whenever we have asked, you have given. We are asking you to give again. Not to us, really. To yourselves, to our community. And we are all grateful for your care and kindness.

Coastal Kindness – filling the gap!

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