Keep clear!

Jun 13, 2023

Please be mindful of where you park when you are in town.

You have only to look at the parking area outside Spar to know that there are far more full-time residents in our little village. So much so that parking is at a premium nowadays, even out of season.

For those of us who are disabled or elderly, or who have difficulty walking even a short distance, this can be extremely inconvenient. There is no doubt that we need more bays to be set aside for the infirm and the very elderly.

And of course the problem will then be how to stop the hale and hearty from using those bays.

However, far more to the point, is the current existence of dedicated ambulance parking. And the fact that some people would rather use this parking than walk even a short distance. Frankly this is totally unacceptable and recently could well have resulted in a child’s death.

As some of you will already know, there was a near drowning at Kariega. Our doctor was unable to respond to this emergency as her car had been parked in by someone using the ambulance parking.

Fortunately for all concerned, people on the beach had CPR training and were able to resuscitate the child. Of course, a great many people have attended the AED and CPR training provided (free!) by Coastal Kindness. We would love it if everyone had CPR training and knew what to do in an emergency such as this.

And if more of us had the Level One First Aid training too … well, Kenton would surely be a far safer place!

But back to the dedicated ambulance bay. Let’s remember that we all benefit from ensuring it is only ever used for its intended purpose!

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