Masked ball? Or not?

Nov 22, 2021

Silly season is almost upon us. Let’s do everything we can to make sure we all have a safe holiday.

Over 600 days and still counting. And covid-fatigue is a real thing. We’re sick unto death (some literally, most just metaphorically) of this pandemic, of masks, of social distancing and sanitising. And some of us just really can’t be bothered anymore.

Recently our new infection numbers have been laughably low. Tempting many to think: Why bother? And caution has been thrown to the wind, as have masks, fluttering into people’s gardens and roosting in the trees.

But have you noticed the even more recent uptick in our numbers? And are you aware how numbers are alarmingly on the increase in other countries, in spite of way higher percentages of vaccinated people than is the case here?

And have you noticed in how many countries with rising infection numbers mask wearing is a thing of the past?

So, here’s the thing. Vaccinated or not, you aren’t immune. The pandemic is not over. A fourth wave is a real possibility. And research is now proving the efficacy of mask-wearing in preventing the transmission of the disease.

Not dangling from your wrist; not slung around your neck; not below your nose – or covering only your chin. No, worn properly, covering mouth and nose, a mask is – as we had suspected, and now know – a very real defence against transmission. And if you can’t be bothered to keep yourself safe, at least do it to keep others, and your loved ones, safe.

Silly season is almost upon us. Let’s do everything we can to make sure we all have a ball rather than a repeat of the last dismal one.

Have a ball – but a masked one, please!

And if you don’t believe us, click here to read this

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