Masks made a difference!

Sep 12, 2022

Thank you Lydia and her team for both their hard work and for their kind donation!
Just under two and a half years ago, Lydia’s mask-making team took on the mammoth task of making over 7 000 masks! Yes, that many! Imagine how many hours were spent crouching over sewing machines! The mind boggles!

Of those masks, over 4 000 were donated to the community and the remainder were sold. A small portion of the resultant funds was used to replenish fabric and elastic, though initially the team relied on donations. Remember, only necessities could be purchased during hard lockdown. How quickly we forget!

Over R40 000 was donated back into the community as follows:

  • R25 000 on food vouchers and the balance to various community projects:
  • Coastal Kindness, SPCA, 100 mile run and several others.

Lydia thanks:

Nan Hoole from Beachways for being custodian of masks and funds during the entire project;

Tony Swift from Rotary for managing their funds;

and last but not least, the mask team for sewing the masks and making this project possible.

The mask-making team has just agreed to donate their remaining R4 000 to Coastal Kindness.

Coastal Kindness would like to ask you to take a moment to remember how many of our community members were involved in this project; to thank them all for their effort; for making Kenton and its surrounds a safer place during the pandemic; for fostering a sense of community … and for their sheer generosity.

Coastal Kindness thanks Lydia and her team for both their hard work and for their kind donation!

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