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Aug 11, 2022

Coastal Kindness committee of Kleinemonde are making their presence felt. We saw them well on their way to growing community awareness.

The Coastal Kindness committee of Kleinemonde are already making their presence felt and August saw them well on their way to growing community awareness and to making Kleinemonde a safer place to be.

Two regular monthly events in Kleinemonde are the Ladies Tea function and the Saturday Morning Market. CK committee member Paula Stander delivered a presentation to about forty ladies at the former, telling them about the aims and objectives, the plans and activities of CK. All the emergency equipment was on display – we’re sure you’ll recognise Practi-Man from a previous blog, or from your own CPR training session in Kenton. The debonair dummy shuttles between Kenton and Kleinemonde on a regular basis – he’s a very polite travelling companion!

Paula also enlarged on the measures to take in an emergency: as in Kenton, residents can contact Gardmed via their local security service. In Kleinemonde, residents are also encouraged to complete a medical history form and keep it in a jam jar on top of the fridge. A clever idea, especially for those living alone!

At the Morning Market, there was a display of CK emergency equipment with committee members on hand to engage with the community, answering any questions and just generally crating an increased awareness of CK’s role in the community, in the event of an emergency.

And last but, as the cliché has it, far from least, the first of two planned First Aid Training Sessions, hosted by Gardmed, kicked off on 4 August. This is a four-day Level 3 First Aid course which will, it is hoped, add at least nine new first responders to the existing team. The function of the first responders is to take appropriate action in an emergency, until Gardmed’s trained paramedics arrive on the scene.

Coastal Kindness – caring for you and working to make our communities safer!

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