No flash in the pan!

Jul 6, 2022

We are here to stay
The pandemic and all its challenges might be the last thing on your mind right now, even though its effects and infections could linger on for years. But there is no disputing the fact that good came of the pandemic too. Our community dug deep and offered many deeds of sharing, caring and kindness. It was out of those strengths, it seems, that the idea of Coastal Kindness germinated and grew.

Just as Covid-19 has become part of our new normal, so too has Coastal Kindness. And with our latest news, we can assure you that it is no flash in the pan, but a result of the pandemic that will continue to grow.

The need for improved healthcare in our community is not a thing of the past; it is a future need and so Coastal Kindness has a role to play.

And in order to do that, and to continue to serve the community, Coastal Kindness is pleased and proud to announce that our organisation, staffed and run purely by volunteers, is now registered as a Non Profit Company. We are here to stay and ensure that our healthcare future as a community is better and brighter.

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