Off to a flying start!

Apr 12, 2023

The room swirled with laughter, animated chatter and exuberance.

After two wind-swept days, Kenton Asian was a blaze of lights (thank you, Eskom) as invited guests flocked to the Coastal Kindness Charity Auction which, together with the ‘Reflection’ Raffle, marked the beginning of the drive to raise funds for the sorely needed refurbishment of our Kenton and Marselle clinics.

The room swirled with laughter, animated chatter and exuberance, stilled only for the evening’s speakers, Robbie Cameron Avis of Coastal Kindness, Dr Eleanor Galpin, Mohamed Docrat representing the Department of Health and SJ Wagg of Kenton Asian – whose brief yoga lesson had guests reaching for their wallets or purses, much to the amusement of all!

Other honoured guests, who weren’t strong-armed into a brief speech, were Sister Mackie Assumption, DOH and artist Rose Deary whose beautiful painting, Reflection, was prominently displayed. The Raffle, by the way, closes at midnight on Friday 14 April. The draw takes place on Saturday. If you have secured your ticket(s) in time, watch this space.

Still nibbling at the delectable buffet finger food, and with charged glasses in hand, the crowd next turned their attention to that inimitable auctioneer extraordinaire, Dave Mullins, whose patter saw all eleven items on auction raise a goodly sum towards our target of two million. A long way to go, but we’re off to a good start!

Coastal Kindness would like to thank all those who attended, and whose generosity is deeply appreciated. And, of course, the Kenton Asian team for hosting this event in their stunning venue, for the marvellous munchies and for keeping the wine flowing (thanks to Rose and Gordon Wright).

Not even the brief descent into darkness by the inevitable loadshedding could dampen spirits. All in all, a memorable start to our fundraising campaign!

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