Dec 1, 2021

We really don't know much about the new variant.....

Omicron, Omicron, Omicron!
Omigosh, Omigosh, Omigosh!

Batten down the hatches! Restrict access! Close borders! Cancel flights!

Ja, no well, fine, as they say.

The truth is what we really know about the new variant is that we really don’t know much. Yet.

Except that there’s a lot of knee-jerk reaction out there.

But while we await what we need to know, read this click here

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We asked for sufficient funds to purchase three machines which, at the time, were thought to cost in the region of R15 000 each.

Updated Coronavirus PCR

Updated Coronavirus PCR

As the miasma of Omicron and rising numbers swirls around us, it’s all too easy to lose touch with what’s sensible. With what’s practical. With what’s scientific.

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