Out of the woods

May 6, 2022

Did you think the pandemic was over?

If you thought we were out of the woods, just look around at all the trees!

Did you think the pandemic was over? That soon we would be finding new ways to upcycle our mask collections? Think again!

We’ve gone from one state of disaster to another (very different one) but the regulations are still with us. The only real difference is that the Minister of Health is now in charge, and it’s he who has the power to decide when we can actually stop wearing masks on public transport and in public places. So don’t toss those masks just yet.

And, oh yes, if infection numbers suddenly soar, the Minister of Health need only gazette more stringent regulations for them to come into effect.

The only confusion now seems to be whether or not learners need to wear masks in the classroom. Until there’s official clarity, they do!

The bottom line is another cliché: the fat lady hasn’t sung yet!

Click here to read more on Limited Covid-19 regulations announced minutes before previous ones expire.

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