Jul 18, 2022

Coastal Kindness is excited to welcome a new member to its team of volunteers! Please meet … (cue drumroll) … PRACTI-MAN!
Coastal Kindness is excited to welcome a new member to its team of volunteers! Please meet … (cue drumroll) … PRACTI-MAN!

Not sure volunteer is the appropriate word since he really had no choice in the matter – but join us he has! And he’ll be working awfully hard to help our other volunteers (including maybe you?) to help our community in an emergency.

CPR isn’t for sissies and nor is it for the untrained. And Practi-Man will help our trainers to get volunteers up to speed (100 compressions a minute, to be precise).

The plan is to train as many volunteers as possible in CPR, from the staff at Spar and the nurses at Dolphin to the man and woman on the street (and on the beach)!

If someone needs to be resuscitated, it takes more than one to do CPR – it takes a team! It’s not a five-minute exercise but could be needed for an hour or more so there needs to be a second person to take over seamlessly as the first one tires – and then a third …

While two can do it, it’s a real workout!

Those compressions are far from gentle – the chest needs to be depressed by 5cm with each push, and in rapid succession. Not for sissies!

You’ll be glad to know that mouth-to-mouth is no longer recommended as part of the resuscitation effort – the compressions, done correctly, are sufficient to move air in and out of the lungs.

And this is where Practi-Man plays his part – he is an amazing teaching tool which will allow our trainers to demonstrate CPR and which allows you to practise CPR without bruising some other poor volunteer!

Practi-Man is one tough customer – he can take it, however hard you press!

And he comes with a monitor complete with lights to tell you that, yes, you’ve got it right!

Ready to do your bit, and get your hands on our debonair Practi-Man?

Join our training group by sending a WhatsApp to 083 229 1380 with your full name. Numbers are limited to five per training session, but we will keep a list and let you know when a spot is open.

Your trainers are David and Margie Morrell, and the first session is at 14:00 on Thursday 21 July in Kenton.

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