Quiet but busy

Oct 8, 2020

COVID-19 has been sleeping in our area for a while, thank goodness, but not so Coastal Kindness.

We may be quiet but we are still busy!

COVID-19 has been sleeping in our area for a while, thank goodness, but not so Coastal Kindness. We continue to do acts of kindness daily. Our Coastal Kindness Cares Team is ready and waiting to take your call should you want someone to chat to or run an errand for you. The team has organsied for prescriptions and shopping to be collected and delivered and we’ve taken people to the hospital when we can.

In addition, our mental health support initiative continues to offer back-up and information sessions for those in need. Remember, anxiety, depression and stress are all too prevalent in these trying times.

Our Education Team has also been hard at work making more, easy to understand, videos. Hot off the press are two new videos talking about the stigma surrounding Covid-19: what to say and not to say to those unfortunate enough to have contracted the virus. Remember there are still many areas in our country with live cases; not everyone is as lucky as we are.

We continue to support Dr Galpin when she needs us, so she can focus on her patients and not have to worry about less important matters. We are about to install a TV in her rooms to run educational videos, informing patients of COVID matters as well as life threatening chronic diseases.

We’ve also been helping the staff at the Kenton Clinic and are in discussion with the Department of Health who want us to help set up educational adherence clubs for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension etc.

We are concerned that when the festive season arrives and Kenton has an influx of people from all over the country we may get a new wave of COVID-19. In order to keep us all as safe as possible we hope to mount an awareness campaign along the lines of “Let your hair down but not your mask!”

All this, we try to do without having to ask for lots of funding; we would rather just bother you when we are really in need!

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