Rapid Covid test available in Kenton

Dec 6, 2021

Rapid Covid Tests are available in Kenton at the doctor’s rooms.

Worried about your staff? A family member not feeling well?

If you’re concerned that you, a family member or a member of staff has COVID, it’s best to get tested!

Rapid Covid Tests are available in Kenton at the doctor’s rooms. As rapid tests are done on sick or symptomatic people only, you’ll need to book an appointment for a consultation with the doctor. If the doctor suspects COVID, then you’ll be given a rapid test.

Bookings can be made by phoning 046 648 1256. The consultation is R450 and the Rapid Test costs R200. Results are almost instantaneous; you’ll know before you leave the surgery.

Pre-hospital admission and pre-travel screening (PCR) tests are also carried out at the doctor’s rooms, normally by the nursing sister. Bookings essential.

Dr Eleanor Galpin’s Rooms: 046 648 1256 next to the pharmacy.

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We asked for sufficient funds to purchase three machines which, at the time, were thought to cost in the region of R15 000 each.

Updated Coronavirus PCR

Updated Coronavirus PCR

As the miasma of Omicron and rising numbers swirls around us, it’s all too easy to lose touch with what’s sensible. With what’s practical. With what’s scientific.



We really don't know much about the new variant.....

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