Rhino Run 2022

Sep 27, 2022

September’s Rhino Run was a smashing success!
By all accounts – and certainly judging by the crowds, the ebullience, the adrenalin buzz, the joyful noise – September’s Rhino Run was a smashing success!

So what do you need for a successful event like that? Smooth organisation, oh-so-many enthusiastic runners – and walkers too, many marshals, great food and drink at our local eateries and, of course, the ubiquitous First Aid Station. Just in case!

And Coastal Kindness was there, ready and willing – as always – to lend a helping hand. Our station was ably and efficiently manned by Coastal Kindness volunteers Lesley and Gail; it was a small oasis of calm amid all the excitement; an assurance that if anything went wrong, help would be at hand. Fortunately, only the usual blisters, a twisted ankle, a nasty cut on a bare foot and a tumble on the rocks required attention. But our trained volunteers were prepared for any eventuality.

Cyril, the ever-debonair Practiman was present too, though looking rather glum and sulky – probably because he hadn’t been invited to join the run! But he did remind everybody about the training classes held by Coastal Kindness!

If you would like to learn CPR – and how to use an AED machine – WhatsApp 083 229 1380 to book your place and become part of the solution!

Finally, congratulations to everyone who made the Rhino Run such a raging success, from the organisers to the runners, from the waiters to the walkers!

Coastal Kindness – working to keep you safe and well!

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