Thank you for donations

Jul 21, 2021

A huge thank you to our amazing community!

We only have to ask and our amazing community always listens.

We needed a 10-litre oxygen machine to supplement the other equipment bought over the past year (our first machine was purchased on 23 July 2020) … and so … on 6 July 2021 we put out a plea for donations and the great news is … so many people came to the party that we’ve raised R44 990.00 to date.

This means that the new machine is winging its way to Kenton and should be here today or tomorrow. And let’s not forget, the terrible thing about COVID is, no one knows who may need the new machine next – a parent, a neighbour or even you!

Just to let you know that the surplus funds will be well spent and not frittered away. Rotary of Kenton keep a beady eye on all the Coastal Kindnesses monies, and we are most grateful to them for keeping strict accounts.

So a huge thank you, one and all, for your generous donations which have made this purchase possible. And to all the Coastal Kindness volunteers who give so freely of their time and energy, great team effort.

How lucky we all are to live here!

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We asked for sufficient funds to purchase three machines which, at the time, were thought to cost in the region of R15 000 each.

Updated Coronavirus PCR

Updated Coronavirus PCR

As the miasma of Omicron and rising numbers swirls around us, it’s all too easy to lose touch with what’s sensible. With what’s practical. With what’s scientific.



We really don't know much about the new variant.....

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