The 2020 Holiday Season Challenge

Dec 4, 2020

So dust off the Monopoly, get the playing cards out, light some candles and enjoy!

The 2020 holiday season will be particularly challenging for rental agents, guest houses and holiday home owners in Kenton, Bushman’s and surrounds. It will also be a big challenge for those of you who are about to be inundated with family and friends. Everyone needs to be aware that there are LIMITED medical facilities and NO hospital beds. So we all need to:

  • Stay healthy and fit
  • Not put ourselves or our families and friends in a position to catch or transmit the virus and
  • Try not to fall over and break any bones

This festive season will be a perfect opportunity to have an old-style holiday, together as a family, out in the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of big cities! So dust off the Monopoly, get the playing cards out, light some candles and enjoy! Walk on the beach, swim in the sea and rock pools, paddle on the river, visit the game farms, watch the elephants, bird watch, press flowers, paint or photograph the amazing scenery … Coastal Kindness, with the assistance of local rental agents, B&B owners and other interested parties, has drawn up guidelines to help protect us all during the holiday season. You may want to send it on to family and friends who are “coming down for the hols”. Take care, stay safe and please be responsible! Click here to download “Protocols for the holiday season”

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