Welcome Kleinemonde

May 11, 2022

We have a new team in Kleinemonde.... welcome
Created in response to the corona virus pandemic, to support both our healthcare professionals and the infected in our community (some of whom were desperately ill), Coastal Kindness has grown beyond expectation. As Covid raged and ravaged, so more and yet more volunteers stepped forward. To spread the care and kindness. And the more people there were to help, the more could be accomplished, and the more ways there were in which Coastal Kindness could assist.

And now, as we enter a new phase of growth and development, we welcome the Kleinemonde Branch of Coastal Kindness into the fold! What we have achieved in Kenton and surrounds, they will achieve in Kleinemonde.

In fact, they have already undertaken CPR training and have a team of volunteer first responders in place. Unfortunately, Kleinemonde has no access to a doctor within their community, but they do have medical personnel on their committee.

That committee, and the driving force behind Coastal Kindness Kleinemonde are Frik van Rooyen, T J Oberholzer, Anette Rex and Paula Stander. We wish them every success, in the firm belief that they will go from strength to strength.

Welcome to the Coastal Kindness fold. May you continue to spread care and kindness, one helping hand at a time!

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