Who did we call?

Jul 13, 2023

It takes a community to make a community come together!

There’s only so much Coastal Kindness can do to make our community a safer, healthier place to be. It takes a community to make a community come together! The courses we organise aim to do just that – equip our community with the skills and knowledge to create a better and safer community.

Running at the moment are the regular Level One and Level Three First Aid courses, and of course our ongoing AED/CPR courses. As well as the monthly Dementia Support Group.

And now we have added a Basic Course in Home Care – the inaugural course, led by Sister Anette Rex, kicked off last week!

Now, while we can source all the required medical expertise, computer issues and glitches are another story!

So when Sister needed to link her laptop presentation to an overhead screen, who did we call?

No, not Ghostbusters, but Murray Wilmot of Insight Tecserve! Who sent the ghosts in the machines scurrying off and got Sister Anette and the course off to a hassle-free start!

A shout-out to Murray!

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