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Jan 31, 2022

Thanks to the community’s generosity we have the equipment we need to save lives.
Transparency! Accountability! Kindness! And communication! Some of our watchwords at Coastal Kindness. And since so many of you have donated to the purchase of AEDs for Kenton and surrounds, we’re sharing planning and progress!

Thanks to the community’s generosity we have the equipment we need to save lives. Now we need to sort out the logistics, the nitty-gritty of how exactly this is going to work. How you’ll be able to reach out quickly and easily to competent people in time of need.

With all this in mind, a meeting was convened with representatives from Hi Tec, Gardmed and Coastal Kindness, on 27 January.

As previously shared, Coastal Kindness was able, thanks to the community, to purchase a fourth and more sophisticated device which will be available at Dr Galpin’s rooms.

So, in addition, we have three automatic defibrillators which can be used by first responders with First Aid training, plus training on the defibrillators. One such device will be at Kenton Garage (open 24/7) and another at Hi Tec here in Kenton. We are exploring the possibility of positioning the fourth at the Boknes Hi Tec facility.

Manpower is critical, though. Womanpower? Personpower? Well, you get my drift! So sixteen members of Hi Tec’s armed response team, nine members from the control room, the supervisor as well as Chris from Hi Tec will undergo basic first-aid training in addition to training on the use of the AEDs. This training will be provided by Gardmed at no cost to Coastal Kindness. In addition, Gardmed will supply a Jump Bag containing IV fluids, an Ambu bag, advance airway devices, resuscitation drugs, bandages and dressings in case any members of the public present at the incident are trained medical personnel.

And how will you access this emergency help? At this stage, Coastal Kindness is considering a WhatsApp group of trained first responders who could leap into action on short notice.

These things don’t happen overnight but we are doing our very best to assure they happen as quickly as humanly possible. A life was lost but as a result lives may be saved and that is what we hope to achieve. Thank you for making it possible!

You are indeed to wind beneath our wings …

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