Equipment officer required

Mar 16, 2022

We have so much precious equipment that needs to be looked after.

In this amazing community, so many kind people volunteer to help whenever needed. But now we need one of you to undertake a very specific job.

We have so much precious equipment, from oxygen generators, portable oxygen machines, C-Pap machines, pulse oximeters to AED machines, all bought with donations given by our community to Coastal Kindness. We are in the process of ordering decals to label and identify each and every piece of Coastal Kindness equipment. In addition, we hope to fit each with a tracking device.

The first task is to inventory and log every piece of equipment. We need to know where everything is at any given time.

And this is why we need one of you to step up and volunteer to be our Equipment Officer, who will log everything in and out, keeping the log up to date so that we can always track these precious resources.

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