Healthcare Support and Assistance

A Kenton-on-Sea initiative servicing Kenton and the surrounding areas.
Doing our best for the community.

How are we
helping you?

Educating our community

On many aspects of healthcare and wellbeing.

Supporting our local medics

Ensuring that our local medical services, including our doctors and clinics, have the resources and support wherever possible.

Offering kindness

Where we can to people who are feeling isolated or lonely.

Offering emotional support

With our dementia support group and ad hoc trauma counselling.

Mission statement

Based in Kenton on Sea, Coastal Kindness, and its branches, provides practical advice and support, both physical and emotional, to community members and healthcare workers. Our volunteers seek to spread kindness one helping hand at a time.

Board of Directors

Robbie Avis (Chair)
Simon Avis
Jennie Bowen
Doug Swanson
Nick Wagg (Treasurer)

Portfolio holders 2024/25

Administration: Patsy Burn
CPR & AED Training: David and Margie Morrell
Equipment: Doug Swanson
Media & Communications: Robbie Avis
Minute Secretary: Jean Martens
Operations and Training: Jennie Bowen
Purchasing: Simon Avis

Help us
to help you

Community organisation, leaders and ‘influencers’ in and around Kenton can help us by

Spreading the word about Coastal Kindness
Disseminate educational materials and information
Coordinating their community to support those in need
Be invested in your future

Be invested in your future and help us to help you!

We have a team of doers, thinkers and workers comprising





Doctors & Nurses


Coastal Kindness Founding Members

Robbie Avis
Simon Avis
Eugene de Witt
Ruleen de Witt
Dr Eleanor Galpin
Ockie Goosen
David Howard
Suzie Mann

Dr Barbara Matthews
Debbie Park Dobell
Carol Taggart
Redmond Taggart
Doug Swanson
Nick Wagg
Charlotte Woods

From our blog

Discover Mindfulness

Discover Mindfulness

Join us for an experiential mindfulness workshop designed to help you find peace and presence in the midst of life’s chaos.

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Thank you for your kindness

Chamber of Business

The Kenton Raiders

As well as several individual donors and many volunteers.

Spreading the kindness

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