Branding Brag!

Oct 7, 2022

So today is our branding brag!
So today is our branding brag! If you were at the Rhino Run and saw the First Aid station, did you just maybe notice Gail and Lesley’s T-shirts? Or the tablecloth?

If not, take a look at today’s pics – and you just won’t miss seeing our logo, on David and Margie’s T-shirts, so cleverly embroidered by Mandy! And on the tablecloth too. No, we’re not starting our own range of clothing (not for people, or for tables!) but we are getting our brand out there!

The occasion was a Saturday afternoon training session for Dr Galpin (not that she needs much training!) and her staff, led by David and Margie Morrell. The group was made up of one doctor, one nursing sister, one doctor’s receptionist, two pharmacists and a teacher. And the ubiquitous Cyril. (Who’s getting quite pushy.) As Dr Galpin put it, these training courses are for everyone: the more practice you have, the less likely you are to panic in an emergency. And if you learned CPR decades ago, bear in mind that best practice has changed! We need training in the current method.

Talking about branding, Carol recently did a course for Carers in the UK, and they were beyond impressed by her CPR abilities – learned in just such a training session. (Have you booked your place on one yet?) So, of course, she had to tell them all about Coastal Kindness … pity she didn’t have a T-shirt!

Our logo is particularly appropriate. The graph you see is indicative of a heart rate monitor, since our focus is on health and safety in our community. But the heart symbolises not only health; it represents the care and kindness, the love, that motivates all our many volunteers who give so freely of their time and energy is oh! so many ways. And our name, Coastal Kindness: says it all, doesn’t it? The love for our community and our strong sense of that community, here on the coast.

Coastal Kindness, working for you!

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