In Memoriam of Redmond David Hind Taggart

Mar 7, 2022

For so very many reasons, we are thankful that Redmond was such an active participant in our Kenton community.
In Memoriam

Redmond David Hind Taggart

28 September 1945 – 27 February 2022

Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was.”
– Hebrew Proverb

For so very many reasons, we are thankful that Redmond was such an active participant in our Kenton community. That he has left an indelible impression on our minds and hearts is borne out in the limericks interspersing this, all by Coastal Kindness volunteers.

There was a fine man of habit
Whose name was Redmond Taggart
With community interest at heart
And willing to play a part
A plot and a plan – he had it!

Redmond and Carol bought a house in Kenton in 1999, made it their home in 2017, and wholeheartedly threw themselves into the community. Redmond, with his analytical mind, would spend hours mulling over many of the problems that beset us all here in the Eastern Cape.

As an active member of our ‘technical water group’ and with his background in civil engineering, he was able to shed many a light on the problems at hand. Only he would ever attempt to understand and plot the maze of water pipes bringing municipal water to our homes! He even, relatively recently, set up a WhatsApp group devoted to persuading residents and homeowners to become less reliant on municipal water.

He was Mr Lighting too, having plotted each and every streetlight with its location and number. All streets and houses were geo-located for the emergency services to use if needed. He gave large, detailed maps to the police station and the clinics, which have proved invaluable.

On Redmond we did depend
For messages he did send
He kept up our spirits
His wit knew no limits
Right up to the very end
Redmond was a great collector of data and worked hard sorting out the then non-existent membership list for KOSRA.

Always ready to help, especially when there was a challenge at hand, Redmond was a founding member of Coastal Kindness, always urging us on to do more and to do it right!

And who can forget his morning messages on our 365 and 366 WhatsApp groups! The histories! The wonders of the ancient world! He was never at a loss for topics – it all came so easily to him.

Rambling Red was his name
To Kenton-on-Sea he came
With his Irish charm and wit
His morning posts were a great hit
Without him it’ll never be the same
Oh yes, that Irish charm and wit! And, oh, he never let us forget St Patrick’s Day! And there was his poetry! Sometimes it was a morning message but more often it would pop up on the groups in reaction to someone else’s post, or just pop up out of the blue! Why, he even made it into print! And so, as well as everything else, he also became the unofficial acknowledged Bard of Kenton.
There was a great man called Redmond
Renowned as the Bard of our Kenton
From Ireland he came
But here made his name
As someone we all could depend on
Redmond, we will miss your wit, your sharp mind, your thoughtfulness, and your humour. Your smiling Irish eyes brightened our lives.
Redmond was an Irish male
Whose wit sparkled like ale
His repartee
A delight to see
And he always had an amusing tale
Thank you for all you gave us – thank you for being part of our community.

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