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Oct 26, 2022

Sometimes you have to help us to help you
Our mission as Coastal Kindness is to help you, to help our community, but just sometimes you have to help us to help you. (No, we’re not asking for donations this time, although they’re always welcome!)

Do you live alone? Or do you live with an elderly spouse? And have you considered what might happen if you took a nasty fall and injured yourself? As happened to a member of our community a while ago. Sadly, nobody knew whom to contact, or whether there were any pre-existing conditions or allergies the first responders would need to be aware of. Fortunately, this time, all was well. But next time?

So here’s how you can help us to help you.

Find an empty glass jar with a lid. Print out and complete the form click here – one for each of you. Print so that it’s legible! Fold it up and put it in your jar, close it and put it on top of your fridge. And forget about it. Gardmed will know where to find it if they ever need it in order to help you. It’s a bit like insurance only it costs you nothing but a little of your time.

And if a glass jar won’t fit on top of your fridge (maybe there’s a fitted cupboard over it) then put your completed page in one of those ziplock plastic bags – with a pebble in it so it doesn’t blow away – and put that on top of your fridge.

We’re sure you have good security and lock your doors at night, but what if someone needs to get in to help you? Maybe consider lodging a set of spare keys with Hi Tec or with a trusted neighbour. Just provide the contact number.

There is also a “living will” or a PALPRAC Advance Health Directive form click here you might wish to print out, complete, and add to your bottle.

We thank Coastal Kindness Kleinemonde for this clever idea: it’s working well there!

Coastal Kindness – working to keep you safe!

Gardmed – 082 759 2134

Hi Tec Control Room – 060 975 9202

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