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Jun 7, 2024

Coastal Kindness is raising funds to improve our local clinics

As you probably know, Coastal Kindness is raising funds to improve our local clinics. Our project at Kenton Clinic has been successfully completed and now we have turned our attention to Marselle Clinic, which is in a far worse state.

To date we have raised enough to complete phase one, namely the erection of security fencing around the clinic. This is necessary because the clinic pharmacy is the repository for a good many medications, for instance chronic medication for everyone in the area not on medical aid. This makes the clinic a target for attempted burglaries.

That clinic and those chronic medications are used not only by the people of Marselle and Klipfontein, but also by many residents in Kenton, Bushmans and Riversbend. Not just by your staff; possibly your neighbour too. And should the NHI become a reality, many more of us will be visiting our two clinics.

So why are we doing this when keeping those clinics operational and in optimal condition is the responsibility of the Department of Health, of local government? Well, why are we donating to repair our roads and laying new pavements?

The inescapable truth is that the Department of Health simply does not have the funds for repairs, no matter how urgent. And the state of disrepair is the result of years and years without any maintenance being carried out.

Which is why we are appealing to those who can to please donate. Even a small amount. To help us to help our people, to help all of us. Thank you.

Coastal Kindness – helping to improve healthcare for everyone

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