Spring clean at Ekuphumleni Clinic

Jul 21, 2023

You know keeping your house clean is a never-ending task and that a yearly spring-cleaning is a given.

Just imagine working a full day under immense pressure AND having to do housework – during your working hours, not after or before! Then maybe you can imagine the stress for our committed medical team at Kenton Clinic!

There is just no budget for a cleaner so medical personnel have to somehow clean and disinfect their working environment and still cope with a seemingly never-ending queue of patients from the time their doors open until they close.

You know keeping your house clean is a never-ending task and that a yearly spring-cleaning is a given. You wonder where all the dirt and grime comes from – and that’s just from family, friends and pets traipsing through your home.

Now imagine running a clinic and how many people traipse through on a daily basis. And giving your all to your patients and still being expected to keep your environment clean and hygienic. Let alone spring cleaning!

So Coastal Kindness stepped in to close the gap and sponsored a team of deep cleaners to go into our Kenton Clinic and cleanse it top to bottom like you wouldn’t believe!

Listen to Sister Neetling tell it:

I really do not have enough words today to thank you on behalf of me and all Kenton clinc staff, to say thank you for sponsoring us with a cleaning team. It was so nice to walk into a fresh smelling and sparkling clean facility this morning … it is dust free and clean and therefore also a much safer environment for our patients. The cleaning team really worked very hard this weekend and did a very good job. Your support and kindness is highly appreciated and will never be forgotten. On behalf of myself and all Kenton clinic staff, a HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Coastal Kindness – closing the gap

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