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Mar 3, 2022

We now have four shiny new AED machines all primed and ready for use.
Thanks to the generosity of KOSRA, Rotary, the Periwinkle Trust, the Kenton Raiders and, last but far from least, individual residents and homeowners, we now have four shiny new AED machines all primed and ready for use.

The problem is that, other than our good doctor, we don’t know how to use them – but this problem is about to be solved, and then this latest Coastal Kindness project will be up and running, ready to serve the community.

Training courses are scheduled for Wednesday 9 March, with two sessions at 2 and 3 pm for Hi-Tec personnel, followed by a third at 4 pm for first responders and Coastal Kindness volunteers.

Coastal Kindness thanks Carriage Rock College for kindly making their premises available as the training venue, and Gardmed for providing the training. We appreciate your kindness!

Once we have a team of trained personnel – who will be available round the clock and ready to roll at a moment’s notice – we will tell you how to contact them.

And a final snippet of news is that First Aid Courses will be offered to the community shortly.

So watch this space for further updates!

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