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Feb 12, 2024

It might take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to provide a plethora of plants....

Have you ever watched those TV shows where a small team goes into someone’s neglected garden and transforms it into a lush and flourishing oasis? They make it look so easy! It’s not.

Saturday 10 February saw a motley crew of volunteers pitch up at the Kenton Clinic in a determined mood, ready to undertake just such a transformation.

The Rock Hard Bank
Planting into the bank
Thank you Kenton Garden Services

The most useful garden tools? Picks! The only way to make an impression on bone dry, hard-packed earth that resisted both fork and spade. So picks it was, wielded by Bobby and Simon – and then compost – bag after bag after heavy bag of black gold!

And then the plants – water wise, tough, indigenous, succulents – such a cornucopia of plants, donated by Gayle of Cherrywood, our local nursery, and by members of the Kenton Garden Club. So very many plants, so very many planting holes to be dug!

It might take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to provide a plethora of plants – and the willing hands to get them safely into the soil. And those willing hands belonged to Coastal Kindness, Kenton Garden Club and Kariega Foundation. And talking of children, most of those from Kariega WERE children – and the energy and dedication those girls and boys brought to the digging and planting was a delight! Gardeners in the making!

Coastal Kindness thanks everyone who lent a hand – here’s hoping the blisters are few! And finally, a thank you to Kenton Garden Services for cutting the grass on Friday …

And now all we need is a bit of rain and we’re ready for Tuesday! Tuesday?

Watch this space …

Coastal Kindness – digging deep for you

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