There’s a rat on my stoep

Aug 11, 2022

Dead rats courtesy of my cat cohorts
Occasionally I open my front door to find a neat row of dead rats courtesy of my cat cohorts. Others might open theirs to find a delivery of prescribed medication from the pharmacy! No, it’s not your cats; it’s Suzie Mann’s team of Coastal Kindness volunteers …

So if you were in quarantine or isolation, and thus unable to pick up your medication yourself, whoever was on the duty roster would spring into action, collect the medication and deliver it to your gate or door. Much better to find something you actually need waiting for you – with a smiling Coastal Kindness volunteer waving from a safe distance!

Now we have returned to normal, but there are still those times when community members are just too ill to collect medication themselves. And the team is still there – ready and waiting!

These ladies are really unsung heroes so let’s please take a moment to appreciate what they did for the community during the pandemic – and what they still continue to do!

Heartfelt thanks to Desire, Debbie, Carolyn, Lynne, Bev, Sandy, Shalamar, Sue – and, of course, Suzie!

Coastal Kindness – still caring for you!

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