Jan 18, 2022

We asked for sufficient funds to purchase three machines which, at the time, were thought to cost in the region of R15 000 each.
Just yesterday, Coastal Kindness appealed to the community we serve for donations to fund the purchase of defibrillators – automatic computerised defibrillators that can be used by lay people … no, no, no! Not yesterday! It just seems that way, given the speed at which it’s all come together! In fact, the appeal went out on 30 December last year – a mere nineteen days ago at the time of writing.

We asked for sufficient funds to purchase three machines which, at the time, were thought to cost in the region of R15 000 each. Aim high, we thought. Dream big, we thought.

We had no idea. No idea that the machines would cost R23 813.50 each. No idea that we would receive sufficient funds to purchase three. No idea of the sheer abundance of kindness and generosity which characterises this community. No idea that we would be amazed, humbled and beyond grateful to the community we serve for making it possible for us to serve them as best we may.

Funds are still coming in. To date we have received R88 238.32. R25 800 of this is from ever-caring, ever-generous Rotary. Significantly, the remaining amount has come from the residents and home-owners of Kenton, Bushmans and surrounds. And KOSRA and the marvellous Periwinkle Trust have each pledged R25 000. And finally there’s the Kenton Raiders, a local cycling club. When all’s said and done, and counted, and accounted for, you will have raised in the region of R140 000.

We’ve said before that you are the wind beneath our wings! Little did we know how mightily powerful that wind could be.

So not only can we afford to purchase three defibrillators (already ordered!) but also we can pay for the calibration and annual maintenance of these machines, for training of the team who will use them and for the replacement pads we will need in the future. For, yes, this is an ongoing project which will serve this community for years, possibly decades, to come. And we can afford to purchase a fourth and more powerful machine, probably to be kept in Dr Galpin’s rooms. All the monies received will be ringfenced for this legacy project – rest assured not a cent will be frittered away!

In conclusion, we can only say, simply, thank you to all who contributed. There are no words to convey what a truly glorious start to 2022 this is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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